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World of Russian Seasons
Russian Seasons company is based on the love for Russian fashion. We trust in the talent and mastership of Russian manufacturers, designers and craftsmen. Our goal is to support Russian fashion and make it accessible worldwide by uniting manufacturers, designers, experts and customers on our global platform.

About us
Russian Seasons is based in Moscow, Russia and Dubai, UAE. Russian Seasons was founded by Daria Matsievskaia in 2015.

The company has such projects as crafts and design festival "Russian Seasons", annual competition of young designers, accelerator for innovations "Seasons Tech", consultancy, marketplace for manufacturers of clothes, accessories and homeware "Russian Seasons". It also has its own clothing and accessories line. Find out more at

"Russian Seasons" Marketplace
We site the world's only global digital platform of Russian fashion and design, where any customer can acquire luxurious products made by the best Russian brands and designers.

Distribution at the Marketplace
"Russian Seasons" Marketplace supports Russian brands and designers and offers its platform for sales of their products. Fill the application to find out more about the conditions of distribution.

Maison "Russian Seasons"
We are glad to open the Maison "Russian Seasons" inspired by Russian culture and craftsmanship. President of Russian Seasons Daria Matsievskaia acts as the Head of the Maison.

"Russian Seasons" brand makes a promise to revive the school of Russian crafts and integrate them into modern style.

Collections of Maison "Russian Seasons" are hand-made by professional seamstresses and embroideresses. Secrets of hand labor let the perfection into our works.

We proudly work with Russian manufacturers. Russian Seasons supports and promotes crafts, sustains positive social and personnel changes in those Russian regions, where our cooperative manufactures are located.

Find out more about "Russian Seasons" brand's collection at "Russian Seasons" Marketplace.